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Testimonial – John Jackson

Christina and I started working together on weekly calls 3 years ago to help me improve my sales performance.  We still work together every week, I would never compromise the wisdom of these calls.

Yes, my sales went up, but I got SOOO much more!  I would consider myself a modern Buddhist and have been endeavoring to expand my understanding of the world so that I can just live better, period.  What a feat right?  At the same time as everyone else too, kind of a conundrum.

So we are all trying to do this thing at the same time and learning whilst growing together.  Sure we have gurus and spiritual masters who really have an enormous amount of knowledge to help guide us but we can balance that back out with all the wacky folks out there that seem to derail us.  Also, one of those great masters once said “Don’t let knowledge get in the way of truth!” -Ajahn Bram.

The best kind of master is one who can temporarily suspend his/her knowledge when you’re talking to them, then once absorbed they reintroduce what they know back into the equation before responding.   Christina is a Master you will love working with – she has the knowledge and the WISDOM of how to use it!!  Another part of a great master is to never say they are done learning and be too firm on their way of things.  Christina is very “bendy” I would say.  Validating your beliefs and willing to generate new ones as the need arises but never breaking core spiritual values that are meant to stay at the center.  The benefit to me has been to have a “spiritual sounding board.”  Not a guru who does all the talking.  A real growing spiritual being who understands that we are all gurus and invites you to journey together.

Here’s a visual example of the fun you will have with her amazing mind: Here is a visual example.  Let’s say you were saying “blue” to me and I have a glass of water into which you were to pour this “blue” so that I might view and appreciate its “blueness”.  Only trouble is that I have already got my “yellow” in there and so when introduced all I see is “green.”  Not exactly the best way to fully understand “blue” right?  So if the glass were void of color and you said “blue” then that is what I would see.  THEN, I would introduce my “yellow,” see “green” and respond.  And I would compromise my “yellow” either because I walk around all day with a glass of “yellow” anyway right?  This is the most effective way to go about empathic listening.  -John the Buddhist Jackson

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