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The most powerful woman I have ever met – Bob Reba, Chicago

Christina is a Master you will LOVE working with – John Buddha Jackson, Nashville

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"faced the hardest
times u could not imagine
weight of all her fears
no one hears" @U2-she wrote it 4U

#Wildflower #skylark

We all originate from the same #source... Either we have each other's backs, or we turn our…

As someone who worked a documented medical miracle on her own I'd be happy to teach how to bend DNA for free...

So funny! Thank you! My favorite friends call me Tina & Teen 😊😇love you @tinapayson ❤️✨💕

To learn more about miracles and your body...

Read my Jesus In The Bathtub Page or contact me

In 2012 I was crippled by a surgery, I didn’t know my life was gong to lead me and other to a greater understanding of healing, vibration and the Universe.  Now, I help people do it, too. . .
Yes, miracles still abound. Click To Tweet

Thank you for coming by!  I am honored to be here, and work for you.  It’s probably been quite a journey, and I can help you as your eyes continue to be opened and your body continues to adjust to the new you I am glad to do it.  I see and hear invisible energy, which is really pointless until you realize that you can, too.  Working together is how I help others leverage the power of yur personal intuition to lead you to where you want to be.

We are a family of souls, here to uplift the consciousness of humans on planet Earth.  we agreed to remember who we are, why we are and how to do it in this space and time.  We are re-calling to ourselves, each and every one of us. With everyone I work with we all always end up laughing because the truth doesn’t need proof in and of itself, I help you erase the false beliefs that have held you in doubt, that is who I am and love giving.

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